Hentai Manga: Sweet Box

Sweet Box

Language: English
Series: Original Work
Pages: 150
Category: Erotism, Yuri
Artist: Isya
Translator: Nandeyanen

Mika’s Reply to Hentai Yuri Lesbian Requests!

Red Head Girl: Baby, you taste so good! I am going to lick you clean!

Brunette Girl: I love the way your clit feels against my tongue. After licking it, I am going to suck on it until you cum!

Red Head Girl: Yes!! Don’t stop!! MmMmMMMmmmm….I can never get sick of drinking from your pussy fountain.

Hmmmm…What are these 2 twin sisters up to??? Isn’t it interesting how a halo is on top of the naughty sister instead! lol. She sure wants to get her fingers busy up her sister’s twat!

Girl on the Right: YES YES…my darling! Rub my swollen nipple hard…..kiss it, lick it, taste it…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES, suck it with all your strength! I love it when your lips pull on my nipple and bite down on it! Ohhhhh…It feels so gooooood!

Girl with Glasses: Nooooo….please….don’t do this. I like guys! I am straight!

Second Girl: After I am done licking and sucking your clit, you will see that it’s me that will make you satisfy! Once I am done with you, you will never want a man again!

Girl with Glasses: OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..AHHHHHHH! I am CUMMING so HARD!!! I never felt this way before!

Second Girl: Yes Sweetie Pie, you are squirting right at my face, into my mouth. I will drink up every single drop! YUM!

Girl with Glasses: *squeal*

Which do you prefer, the blonde or brunette???

Guy: You girls….are making my dream come true! I am in fucking heaven!

Blonde girl: FUCK ME Baby! MmMmMM…please?

Brunette girl: Noooooo…..I want you now, fuck me first!!!

Guy: I have only one penis…what a hard decision?!!

Girl: Baby, you are making me so HOT! *blush* I want you so much! Fuck me!

Guy: OH yeah…I know you want me baby, your pussy is telling me exactly that!

Hentai Manga: Slave Girls

Slave Girls

Language: English
Series: Original Work
Pages: 215
Category: Erotism, Incest, Yuri
Artist: Itoyoko
Translator: Torwyn