Hentai Manga: Sweet Box

Sweet Box

Language: English
Series: Original Work
Pages: 150
Category: Erotism, Yuri
Artist: Isya
Translator: Nandeyanen

Mika’s Reply to Hentai Yuri Lesbian Requests!

Red Head Girl: Baby, you taste so good! I am going to lick you clean!

Brunette Girl: I love the way your clit feels against my tongue. After licking it, I am going to suck on it until you cum!

Red Head Girl: Yes!! Don’t stop!! MmMmMMMmmmm….I can never get sick of drinking from your pussy fountain.

Hmmmm…What are these 2 twin sisters up to??? Isn’t it interesting how a halo is on top of the naughty sister instead! lol. She sure wants to get her fingers busy up her sister’s twat!

Girl on the Right: YES YES…my darling! Rub my swollen nipple hard…..kiss it, lick it, taste it…..ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YES, suck it with all your strength! I love it when your lips pull on my nipple and bite down on it! Ohhhhh…It feels so gooooood!

Girl with Glasses: Nooooo….please….don’t do this. I like guys! I am straight!

Second Girl: After I am done licking and sucking your clit, you will see that it’s me that will make you satisfy! Once I am done with you, you will never want a man again!

Girl with Glasses: OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..AHHHHHHH! I am CUMMING so HARD!!! I never felt this way before!

Second Girl: Yes Sweetie Pie, you are squirting right at my face, into my mouth. I will drink up every single drop! YUM!

Girl with Glasses: *squeal*

Mika’s Hot PUBIC HAIR Hentai Request Post!

“Hi sweetie, I want you to fuck me right here, right now!! My pussy is lusting for you!”

Girl: YES YES YES!! Baby, don’t stop, keep rubbing it hard!!! Faster, make my pussy swell up for you!!!

Guy: Babe, I am going to make you fucking wet so that I can pound your pussy like a whore!

Girl: Uh huh, I am your whore, so fuck me like one!

Girl: Your cock feels so good, it’s so big!

Guy: Honey, I love fucking you…I can hear all the perverted noises my cock and your pussy are making together against the water….OH YES!! FUCK! Feels so damm good! ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..

Guy: *holding camera* Pull your panties up more, oh and spread them legs wider, show me your love hole!

Girl: Like this?????? I am spreading my legs as wide as I can!

Guy: *snapping picture* Good girl, you are making me so horny. That hot hairy pussy, I just want to fist it right now! It is asking for it! Like that baby?

Student: NOooo…I am so shy and embarrassed..

Teacher: Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be shy of. It is just me and you. You do love Sensei with all your heart right?? You WOULD do everything and anything I want you to do…right dear?

Student: Yes Sensei. I love you so much and I am a virgin. I am scared…

Teacher: Spread it wider for Sensei. I want to see deep inside you….Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy…my cock will enter you soon… My cock will show you how much it loves you…

Student: Mmmm..okay Sensei…I am opening up myself to you…I want you to be my first! *shutting eyes*

Hentai Gifs Day!

Girl: NOOO! I am caught and cannot escape!! Please someone help me….*cries* I am losing my mind! The tentacle fucking me is TOO WIDE and it’s banging against my cervix……..

Girl: Okay, I am SPREADING my pussy as wide as possible like you asked me to honey…Is it WIDE enough to your liking?

Guy: Yes baby, spread it like that for me. You are ready for my huge cock! Just look at that pussy hole twitching crazily, you are so horny for me aren’t you??

Girl: YES, please…I want your cock to fill my pussy hole…it’s so hungry and wants to swallow your entire cock right now. Can’t you see my pussy is calling for your hardness? Please don’t make me wait any longer???!!!

Girl: Baby, I love you so much. I love your cock, it’s the best looking cock I’ve ever seen. OOOHH…FUCK ME!

Guy: You are beautiful babe, you are my sunshine! I cannot keep staring at my cock pounding into your pussy. Do you like the way I hold your ass baby, with my thumb deeply in it? Let me know if I am being too rough on your sweetness!

Girl: I do not care how rough you want to fuck me. Because I love you, I am willing to satisfy you completely even when it’s rough. I will take all of your hard cock DEEP in me however you want it. I LOVE YOU and yes, please stick your thumb even deeper in me! It feels sooooo GOOD!

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Added Hentai Manga: Sweethearts

What a blissful fapping moment I had with this superb hentai manga, Sweethearts. I loved it! Most of the content in this manga includes many students in school uniforms, some bloomers and maid costumes, and they all just love sex to the max! Get ready to jizz my fellow hentai fappers.