Added Full Color Hentai Manga: Smile Cat

This hentai manga showcase cute neko catgirls with various monsters/tentacles. The excellent part is that the entire manga is in FULL COLOR, which is rare and definitely a treat!


Smile Cat



Hentai Manga: Futanari Relations

Futanari Relations

Language: English
Series: Original Work
Pages: 182
Category: Erotism, Futanari
Artist: Nekomata Naomi
Translator: Various Translators

Added New Hentai Manga: Mousou Otome Zukan

This hentai manga is definitely bizarre, but really entertaining! The female characters are really pretty and most are very petite. There are so many categories in this manga such as neko girls, a futanari nun, twins love, and incest. The most bizarre would be the girl who wished for BIG BOOBS, and got them with an interesting twist, her nipples turned into dicks! She sure put some good use to them, read on to find out.


Contains 9 chapters:

1. Good Bye Hero

2. Right Sister Right

3. Twins With A Good Relationship

4. The Happy Princess

5. The Japanese Bloomer Culture

6. The Prince Of Penis

7. My Nipples Are Dicks

8. A Shrift Of Lust

9. A Sudden Love Story


Mousou Otome Zukan



Bleach Hentai Manga

When you think of some of the top anime, you cant miss Bleach! I love all the fighting action, but here in our hentai world, theres nothing else but sex action! BANKAI FAP!


Bleach Pack 1

Includes: Sexy Summer Beach, Anjyoku Hokan, As You Are

Bleach Pack 2

Includes: Kasshoku no Koibito, Happy Holiday, Petit Honey

Bleach Pack 3

Includes: Cute Person, Gekokuyjou Dynamite, Yoruneko san no Shitsukekata – Kubiwahen

Bleach Pack 4

Includes: Ori, Aki-Akane Another Day, Neko Bachi Super



Catgirl Hentai Manga

Hi everyone! Do you have a fetish for catgirls aka neko girls? I think they are definitely hot! In fact, I will be dressed up as a hot sexy catgirl for this years Halloween Bash Party! I cant wait! So for all you Catgirl hentai lovers, this UNCENSORED manga is for you *meow*:


Poko to Wonderful

Hentai Manga: Inner Equal Bloomer

Inner Equal Bloomer

Language: English
Series: Original Work
Pages: 186
Category: Erotism, Incest
Artist: Kaneko Toshiaki
Translator: Unknown

Hentai Manga: Meirei Dayo

Meirei Dayo

Language: English
Series: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Pages: 19
Category: Doujinshi, Erotism
Translator: Slayer Jammer