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Girlfriend: Baby….*breathing* …Baby……………..

Boyfriend: Tell me what you want love! *panting*

Girlfriend: *squeals* F…..Faster!!!!!!!!!!!! It feels so good….you are in so deep!!! AHHH YEAH!

Boyfriend: Fuck, your pussy juices are flowing all over me babe!! I love it WET! Such a horny slut you are…

Girlfriend: YES, I am such a dirty horny slut. I want you to cum in me!! Please…baby, I can’t take it anymore! I want to feel your HOT cum! DEEP INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boyfriend: Here I go baby, ARE YOU READY?? I am going to fuck you like a MAD DOG!!

3D Gifs Requests – Here you go, for the folks who requested more 3D Gifs! ~ Mika

Boyfriend: OHHHH YESSS! Baby girl…ahhh, it’s so fuckin’ tight!

Girlfriend: You like my ass baby?

Boyfriend: FUCK yeah!!!

Girlfriend: Harder honey, I like it rough!!! YES!

Girlfriend: OH…YES!!! UHHH HUHHHHHH!!!!

Boyfriend: Yeah, keep it like that, bounce faster baby! I am about to cum!!

Girlfriend: MMMMM….AHHH! Your cock feels so good, so big!

Boyfriend: YES baby, tell that pussy to swallow it up, all up, and then drink up all the cum up inside! OHHHHH!

Hentai Gifs Day!

Girl: NOOO! I am caught and cannot escape!! Please someone help me….*cries* I am losing my mind! The tentacle fucking me is TOO WIDE and it’s banging against my cervix……..

Girl: Okay, I am SPREADING my pussy as wide as possible like you asked me to honey…Is it WIDE enough to your liking?

Guy: Yes baby, spread it like that for me. You are ready for my huge cock! Just look at that pussy hole twitching crazily, you are so horny for me aren’t you??

Girl: YES, please…I want your cock to fill my pussy hole…it’s so hungry and wants to swallow your entire cock right now. Can’t you see my pussy is calling for your hardness? Please don’t make me wait any longer???!!!

Girl: Baby, I love you so much. I love your cock, it’s the best looking cock I’ve ever seen. OOOHH…FUCK ME!

Guy: You are beautiful babe, you are my sunshine! I cannot keep staring at my cock pounding into your pussy. Do you like the way I hold your ass baby, with my thumb deeply in it? Let me know if I am being too rough on your sweetness!

Girl: I do not care how rough you want to fuck me. Because I love you, I am willing to satisfy you completely even when it’s rough. I will take all of your hard cock DEEP in me however you want it. I LOVE YOU and yes, please stick your thumb even deeper in me! It feels sooooo GOOD!

Cleavage Exposed!

This hentai manga has a great collection of hot and funny stories that you will sure enjoy! :)


1. Ms. Kawamoto's Situation: Shy about the situation, Ms. Kawamoto's boyfriend forces her to expose herself slutty body to to the public.
2. Haruka's Revenge: Serisawa made Haruka look stupid in class. Haruka plucks one hair from Serisawa and adds it to a strange doll.
3. Bloomer Wife: The evil burglar points a gun to her dog. She will do anything to save her dog life, even if she have to wear bloomers!
4. Female Teacher/School Swimsuit: Yamaguchi-sensei is ordered by the principal to wear a school swimsuit and he has the blackmail photo to make her obey!
5. The Super's Wife. She's lonely, frustrated… Then she spots Yamamoto whose rent is overdue–and forgets to wear her panties!


Cleavage Fetish




Hentai Manga: Tubular Bells

Tubular Bells

Language: English
Series: Sailor Moon
Pages: 43
Category: Doujinshi, Erotism
Artist: Black Dog
Translator: Toniglobe

Tubular Bells

Tubular Bells

Language: English

Category: Doujinshi, Erotism

Pages: 43