Caption By Mika! Do As I Say!

Webcam Guy: Show me your pussy!

Webcam Girl: Okay…

Webcam Guy: I don’t see it clearly yet on webcam! Can you open your pussy hole wider?

Webcam Girl: Is that good enough?

Webcam Guy: PERFECT! BUT!!! I want to see more, deeper in and show me your pee hole!

Webcam Girl: Okay, I will do as you say! Is that okay?

Webcam Guy: No, I want you to pull up the hood of your clit, show me that wet clit! YES, rub it baby!

Webcam Girl: *moan*

Webcam Guy: YES, I want to put my tongue deep inside you! Let’s meet up so I can taste you!

Webcam Girl: MMmm…Yes, I want to feel your tongue inside me.

Caption By Mika! As the Moonlight Shine Upon Us, We FUCK HARD!

Boyfriend: OHHHH you are so beautiful!! It feels so gooooooood fucking you outside!

Girlfriend: Yes my dear, it is so romantic fucking in the moonlight! I want it harder, deeper honey!!!!!!!!

Boyfriend: Oh squeeze on to me baby!!!!! *humping crazily*

Caption By Mika!! The Boss and The Naughty Secretary!

Secretary: Ahhhhh…OWWWW….NO! You are too BIG!

Boss: No I am not big, I think I am fitting in just perfectly! *moan* It is a perfect fit if you ask me!

Secretary: *moaning harder*

Boss: Yeaaaaaaaahhhhh! That’s it baby! You are soaking wet!!!